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Placenta Encapsulation

10006998_543615702419435_1391625315_nPlacenta encapsulation is the process of turning the placenta into capsules. Traditional Chinese Medicine has known about the wisdom of this revitalising placenta medicine and remedy for hundreds of years. Many women are rediscovering how the vitamins, minerals and hormones of the placenta can help in transforming their postnatal experience.


The large iron content of the placenta can aid in avoiding symptoms of postnatal depression by preventing fatigue from iron deficiency anaemia. Ingestion of the placenta is also known to dramatically improve milk supply. This might be of particular importance for mothers who had previous breastfeeding issues, such as, low milk supply or suffer from insufficient glandular tissue. Reintroducing placental substances will aid your recovery in the postpartum period by rebalancing your hormone levels thus preventing for example the Baby Blues or Postnatal Depression.

Ideal Timeline

The encapsulation process should begin within 24 to 48 hours of the birth and we endeavour to collect your placenta from your home or the hospital within 4 to 12 hours after the birth. The hormones that the placenta retains have a shelf life. By the time the placenta passes the age of 72 hours, many of those hormones will have degraded and the resulting capsules will not be as potent as when the encapsulation process begins within the first 24 hours of birth. The capsules will still contain the iron and other vitamins and minerals, even though the hormones have faded.

Methods of Preparation

Which method of encapsulation to choose from is entirely up to your own beliefs, desires and preferences. No method of encapsulation has been shown to be more superior or beneficial over the other.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that birth opens up the body and this is considered to be very ‘yin’ or cold. Steaming the placenta with warming herbs such as Ginger before dehydrating it, is adding the ‘yang’ energy or heat required to warm up and nourish the body postpartum.

Please note that the TCM method of placenta encapsulation merely refers to the way in which the placenta is prepared. Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs will not be added to your placenta capsules. However, if you wish for TCM herbs to be added to your placenta capsules, this service can be arranged following a TCM consultation with Karen Pohlner, our TCM practitioner.

  • Raw Food Method

This method follows the principles of a Raw Food Diet. The placenta will not be steamed based on the concept that the heat destroys vital enzymes. The temperature during this method of placental preparation will not exceed 118F. This method of encapsulation can take up to 36 hours as the placenta will need a longer time for dehydration.

With the TCM method of preparation you will get your placenta capsules back within 24 hours of placenta pick up. With the Raw Food method the dehydration of your placenta takes a little longer as the process of steaming is skipped and the placenta capsules will be ready within 36 hours of placenta pick up.

Depending on the size of the placenta you will get between 75 to 200 capsules. We use K-Caps Vegetarian Capsules, which are Kosher and Halal certified.

Additional Services

Placental encapsulation 2

  • Placental Print
  • Cord Keepsake

The placental print is done before washing and preparing the placenta and it is printed with the natural blood of the placenta. The cord keepsake involves dehydrating the cord in the shape of a symbol, such as, a heart or the first letter of your baby’s name.

Training & Certification

Martina is a Registered Midwife and has been fully trained by Placenta (PBi) as an Encapsulation Specialist. Obtaining a certificate in maintaining food safety, including safe food handling and preparation, was a mandatory requirement for completion of the placenta encapsulation training course.


  • Please contact us for further details of fees.
  • Complimentary Placenta Print & Cord Keepsake

Placenta Collection:

  • Placenta collection is within 8 hours of birth notification during the day from 08.00 to 21.30hrs (no placenta collection overnight- placenta will be picked up 9am the next morning)
  • Complimentary placenta collection

Placenta Capsule Delivery:

  • Placenta capsules guaranteed to be ready within 24 to 48 hours of placenta reception
  • Complimentary Capsule drop off in the hospital or at your home


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