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Fees have been calculated to reflect the time and standards of care involved. Please contact us for a more precise and detailed fee schedule.

Homebirth – Anticipated Fee $5200

  • Initial meeting ‘Meet & Greet’ (opportunity to ask your questions)
  • Regular antenatal appointments (amount of appointments is depending on how many weeks pregnant you are at booking)
  • Birth attendance by 2 registered midwives
  • Postnatal visits for up to 6 weeks after birth 



Medicare rebates are available for antenatal and postnatal appointments. The Medicare rebates will vary depending on the length of the appointment and how much money you have paid out of pocket for medical expenses in the year.

Private health insurance

Ten Moons has provider numbers with BUPA, Australian Unity, GU Health, Defence Health, Teachers Health Fund and NIB private health insurance companies. Please check with your private health fund as rebates may differ for your individual cover.

Other fees

Equipment hire

For details of fees for hiring a birth pool and/or a labour TENS machine, please see my ‘Equipment Hire’ page.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your needs.

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