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Birth Pool

Pregnancy related equipment for hire - birth poolWaterbirth is a very gentle and beneficial choice, as water birth has many known advantages – besides providing a calm atmosphere and protected space, research has found that water immersion during labour and birth:

  • reduces tension
  • promotes relaxation
  • significantly reduces the need for pharmacological pain relief and other interventions (such as caesarean section)
  • relaxes the pelvic floor muscles, with a subsequent lower rate of tears
  • allows for greater mobility, easier and more spontaneous movement of the labouring woman.

My hire kit contains:

  • the birth pool
  • an electric air pump to inflate and deflate the pool
  • a clean fill water hose for filling the pool
  • a drainage system consisting of a water powered pump and vacuum hose with collar
  • 1 disposable liner
  • the instructions booklet for the birth pool

Hire details

  • The cost of hire for a 4 week period:
    1. $160 for our clients that have a booking for homebirth or hospital birth support ($105 for birthpool, $55 for liner)
    2. $200 for all other clients ($145 for birthpool, $55 for liner)
  • The period of hire commences 2 weeks before the due date of your baby and continues until 2 weeks after
  • It is a condition of hire to follow all instructions that come with the pool to avoid damage, which includes keeping pets away from the pool!

Labour TENS machine

  • Elle TENS
  • NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS

Pregnancy related equipment for hire - Labour TENS machine

The TENS machine is a drug-free, mobile and non-invasive pain management tool with personal control over your pain relief. The TENS impulses work by stimulating release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relieving hormone and by stimulating the nerves to block pain signals before they reach the brain.

The period of hire commences 2 weeks before the due date and continues until 2 weeks after. The cost of hire for a 4 week period is $65 including electrodes.

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