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The place of birth is a very individual choice and an important topic for you to consider. During our antenatal appointments we will talk about your options and decide on a suitable and safe place for you to birth your baby. Whether it is at home or in the hospital, it is very important that you feel safe, secure and well looked after in the space that you choose to give birth in.

**Please note- as of 01/07/17 we no longer offer hospital birth support in public or private hospitals. **


5373_1191763069570_7909060_nHome is a suitable and safe place to give birth for healthy women that are experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy and are expecting a healthy baby.

Women choose to stay in ‘their own nest’ to give birth because of the comfortable and familiar atmosphere of their own home. Your own home is a place where you can feel relaxed, calm and confident which is important in order to give way for the intimate and private birthing process. As this is your home you feel in control and can decide whom you wish to invite into your birthing space. We provide a calm and nurturing atmosphere in the birthing environment for you to feel undisturbed during your labour.

All your pregnancy care will be provided by a known midwife and you will only need to see a GP/obstetrician, once to get a referral for midwifery care signed. Thereafter you will only see a doctor which can be a GP/Obstetrician or a doctor in your closest public hospital should the need arise. Most pregnancy appointments will be provided at our clinic in Chadstone, however for the 36-week appointment, we will come to your home.

Homebirth is less invasive and provides a non-medicalised form of maternity care. You will not be exposed to standard interventions as practised in hospitals, unless there is a valid reason to do so. Routine procedures can potentially interrupt the natural process and flow of your labour and increase the risk of complications.

If labour does not progress at home or if signs of complications arise, a transfer to hospital will be necessary. A homebirth back-up booking will be organised during your pregnancy with your local public maternity hospital. However, the The Royal Womens Hospital and Sandringham Hospital will not accept back up bookings for planned homebirth. Nevertheless less, if you require transfer during labour and birth, The Royal Womens Hospital will admit you to their labour ward (but Sandringham Hospital will not).

In a healthy low risk women that carry a healthy baby and experience a normal, physiological labour and birth, complications rarely appear just suddenly. Rather more commonly complications become evident over a certain time frame. Your safey and the safety of your unborn child are of paramount importance. Your homebirth will be attended by 2 registered midwives.

After the birth you can expect postnatal home visits from your midwife for up to 6 weeks after birth. Your midwife is on call for you 24/7 for advice.


imagesLabouring and giving birth in water is a very gentle and beneficial choice that offers many advantages for you and your baby. Many women know the relaxing elements of warm water in relieving stress, pain and reducing tension. A warm bath helps to relax the body and the mind.

A bath in labour has the same effects. It provides a protected space, reduces tension and you will be able to relax easily. Labouring in water is relaxing the back and pelvic floor muscles and is softening the tissues of the pelvic floor in general to gently open up the passage for the baby to be born. The buoyancy of the water allows for greater mobility and more spontaneous movements as position changes in the water are easier. Due to the warmth of the water contractions will be felt less intense which will significantly reduce the need for pharmacological pain relief. Because of the excellent tissue perfusion in warm water perineal tears are less common.

A bath will promote optimal relaxation for the mother and this will also make the birthing process for the baby less stressful.







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