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Baby Massage

“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant. Food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins.”

“It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child’s first language, understanding comes long after feeling” 

~ Dr Frederick Leboyer


rp-babymassage01Babies are constantly using their own unique language to communicate with you and to express their individual needs and preferences.

Baby massage teaches parents not only how to gently touch and massage their baby but also how to observe, understand, interpret and respond to these subtle and individual cues that your baby displays all the time.

Baby massage helps new parents gain increased confidence in responding to and handling their baby and establishes the important early building blocks of healthy, nurturing long term relationship.

This 5 week program is designed to enhance bonding and attachment with your baby and give you valuable skills to get to know your baby as they grow and develop.


… for babies

  • Promotion of health
  • Promotes bonding & secure attachment
  • Stimulation of circulation, digestion, muscular development and tone
  • Relieves digestive complaints such as gas and colic
  • Regulates sleep patterns
  • Adequate amounts of healthy touch in infancy and early childhood are considered crucial for the physical and social development of babies

… for parents

  • Promotes bonding
  • Helps you understand what your new baby is “saying” by interpreting their own uniques cues such as body language, vocalisation, crying patterns, settling difficulties and other behaviours
  • Improved confidence in parenting skills

Baby Massage Sessions

Each session presents a series of activities incorporating massage, gentle touch, voice, eye contact and many other subtle interactions. Rather than simply copying these movements we will work with you to highlight communication cues and help you identify and interpret what your baby might be “telling you”.

The program is suitable for babies aged 4 weeks to 12 months.

Topics covered cover in the baby massage program are:

  • How to have a “conversation” with your baby using healthy touch
  • How to use and adapt different massage strokes and routines for your baby, including special techniques for sensitive or very unsettled babies (what used to be referred to as “colic”)
  • Ways to use other types of healthy/ respectful touch (particularly important for sensitive or medically fragile babies, or babies who don’t respond well to massage/ moving strokes)
  • How to incorporate more eye-contact, facial expressions and voice into your interactions with your baby
  • Ways to use movements to help communicate with your baby
  • The opportunity to meet and get to know other parents in a friendly and non-judgemental environment

Class Options

Group Course- $150

  • 1 session per week over 5 consecutive weeks
  • Allow 1 – 1.5 hours per session
  • Small groups of 4 – 5 families
  • Held at the Ten Moons Clinic, Brighton East

Private Course- $200

  • 1 on 1 tuition
  • We visit you in the comfort of your own home (travel fees might apply)

The classes are facilitated by Martina, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

The IAIM program has been developed over 30 years and is taught internationally. It is backed up by a strong body of research by independent medical and scientific researchers and the only infant massage course with national qualification recognition and accreditation under the Australian Qualification Framework.

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