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Birthing Services

Family after birthThe place of birth is a very individual choice and an important topic for you to consider. During our antenatal appointments we will talk about and decide on a suitable and safe place for you to birth your baby. Whether it is at home or in the hospital, it is very important that you feel safe, secure and well looked after in the space that you choose to give birth in.

In the Ten Moons model of care we offer 3 flexible birthing options:

  • Homebirth
  • Combined Care- Hospital Birth Support in a private hospital
  • Shared Care- Hospital Birth Support in a public or private hospital


Lactation Consultation

Ten Moons Midwife Martina Goerner offers Breastfeeding Services in MelbourneWith my knowledge as a midwife and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I can support you in having a positive breastfeeding experience and assist you with advice on practical aspects of breastfeeding at any time after birth, not only in difficult or special circumstances. Read more >>


Placental Encapsulation

Placental encapsulationTraditional Chinese Medicine has been using Placentophagia for hundreds of years.The large iron content of the placenta can aid in avoiding symptoms of postnatal depression by preventing fatigue from iron deficiency anaemia. Ingestion of the placenta is also known to dramatically improve milk supply. Read more >>


Equipment Hire

Pregnancy related equipment for hire - birth poolWe have a number of specialist items available for hire to assist you during and after your pregnancy.

  • Birth Pool
  • Labour TENS machine
  • Hug-A-Bub
  • Baby Scales





Fees have been calculated to reflect the time and standards of care involved. Read more >>

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