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Ten Moons Mission Statement and Core Values


Our vision is to welcome our new children with awareness, love and joy into the world and to give them the precious gift of a peaceful and gentle beginning to life. We belief that gentle and conscious birth and parenting contributes to raising a caring, kind and respectful next generation, which creates the foundation for a peaceful and sustainable planetary home to live in for our future earth and humanity.

We strive to work with families that are committed to a conscious birthing and parenting experience, belief in practicing mindfulness and take responsibility for their journey by undergoing personal development as a healthy way to prepare for parenting.

We challenge the status quo of the current birthing industry by offering alternative and non-mainstream models of care that create peaceful and gentle pregnancy, birthing and parenting experiences with the main focus on mother-baby bonding and the family.

Core values

Woman-Centered Care

We recognise the woman as the primary decision-maker in her care and respect and honor each woman’s right to make informed choices about her care. Informed decision-making processes will be shared based on principles of mutual respect, compassion and informed consent and take into consideration the midwife’s scope of practice and a framework of safety.

Evidence-Based Care 

We provide care based on the most recent, up-to-date information and available scientific evidence. We firmly believe that provision of evidence based information, education and knowledge about pregnancy and birth is an important element for women to make informed choices about their maternity care.


Ten Moons strives to build trusting and warm relationships with women and their families. We provide care that is rooted in honesty, empathy and respect. We treat each woman and her family with dignity, honoring her background, beliefs, values and community.

Collaboration & Referral

We work in partnership with other health care professionals and holistic modalities to provide women and their babies with multidisciplinary and integrated expert care.


We are committed to provide safe and high quality midwifery care to women and their babies by upholding the highest clinical and ethical standards.


Ten Moons amplifies women’s voices on health issues. We advocate on behalf of women and families to eliminate health disparities and increase access to evidence-based, quality midwifery care.

Midwifery Tradition

We celebrate the experience of pregnancy and birth as a natural event and approach pregnancy and birth as a physiological process in a woman’s life. We offer a no to low intervention model of care that focuses on wellness, health promotion and maintenance, education and informed decision-making:

  • We empower women to confidently work in harmony with their own wonderful bodies and promote the woman’s sense of trust in her body’s ability to birth her own baby
  • We respect the individual rhythm of each woman’s labour and birth and the finely orchestrated natural processes that spontaneously take place
  • With patience and mindfulness we enable women to take the necessary time and space required to safely and individually give birth
  • Unless there is a valid medical reason to intervene, we refrain from using invasive routine procedures that potentially might interrupt the natural processes, disturb the flow of labour and increase the risk of complications.

Promotion and preservation of normal birth are the foundation of our practice and are an important public health strategy.

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