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Martina Görner

Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

I was drawn to the nursing profession by a curiosity with health and disease and a deep desire to make a difference to people and their families in their hour of need. After completing my training as a Registered Nurse in Germany in 2003 I knew that I was on the right track. My career gave me a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, it also offered me opportunities to travel outside of Germany, to the UK and Australia.

IMG_4865In 2005 I started working as an Intensive Care Nurse (ICU) in the UK. This was an exciting and challenging evolution of my nursing career, in particular when I started at The Alfred Hospital ICU here in Melbourne in 2008. The ICU by its very nature is a highly medicalised, invasive and interventionist environment. I worked with seriously compromised patients who were often dangling on the edge of life and death. I gained and honed advanced, lifesaving clinical skills in this setting which would serve me well as after 6 years in ICU my career took an unexpected turn. Midwifery came calling and I was unaware of how my life was about to be redefined.

As a midwife I soon discovered that the ICU environment was a world away from caring for women experiencing a normal pregnancy and natural, physiological childbirth. I noticed that unlike acute and urgent management of a crisis situation, there is plenty of time for women to prepare and educate themselves about childbirth and progress through the natural stages of pregnancy in an informed and nurturing way.

Throughout my employment in the public maternity system I became increasingly concerned about the high level of interventions that I critically witnessed in the mainstream maternity model, a model that struggles to provide individualised care and to prioritise womens’ needs.

My experiences and observations became the catalyst for me to consider more personal, wellness based models that focuses on prevention and maintenance of health and that powerfully place the woman at the centre of her pregnancy and birth experience. A model that empowers mums, offers safety and continuity of care.

SNV30252In 2013 I travelled to Germany and visited a number of midwifery led facilities and I returned from my trip inspired by what I saw and compelled to do something similar here in Australia.

My practice Ten Moons offers a woman centered, personalised and holistic midwifery service designed to promote health and wellness and to respect the rights and choices of pregnant and birthing women. My practice philospophy relies on building warm, supportive, trusting relationships over time and tailoring services to suit each woman I work with.

The advantage of working as an independent midwife is that I’m able to provide individualised and evidence-based advice and care within the scope of midwifery practice, but that is not bound by rigid policies and protocols of other services or institutions.

I work closely with a team of holistic complementary and alternative health care practitioners and aim to integrate a seamless interface with the medical health care system as situations with a valid reason for medical intervention arise. My clinical background in ICU means that I am equipped with skills to promptly recognise important clinical signs & symptoms of illness that need urgent referral and treatment.

Ulyana Kora

Registered Midwife

FullSizeRenderUlyana believes that birth is a sacred space because new life is entering into the world, and that new life is best welcomed into a safe and warm place with family present.

Women are capable of giving birth to their own babies and if all is well, sometimes the only intervention needed besides giving a woman time to do what she needs to do, is nurturing and guidance to reach the finishing line.

Sometimes help is by not helping, as by using interventions without a valid medical reason we can create more problems.

Ulyana has a particular interested in the microbiome research, including antibiotic use during birth and its potential lifelong implications.

Ulyana has finished her Bachelor of Midwifery in 2007 in South Australia and since then has mainly been employed in the public hospital environment, over the last 3 years in a team midwifery program.

Ulyana has 2 children age 7 and 13.


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