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Big Hearted Birth is pleased and excited to be offering Hypnobirthing Australia courses to Ten Moons clients- courses designed specifically to achieve a positive birth by helping woman and their birth partners understand the true physiologic process of birth and develop the belief that they can birth with strength, positivity, excitement and confidence.

Cindy Fenn – Hypnobirthing Educator

cindy-standing-alone-agCindy is a trained teacher so knows how to teach knowledge and concepts effectively to assist you and your partner to have the birth you want. Cindy can ensure you are equipped to confidently meet whatever turn your pregnancy, labour and birth take.

She is passionate about birth and knows through experience and education that birth can be a life highlight.

Cindy has hypnobirthed her three boys. She has birthed in a hospital setting and at home and on her second birth had the good fortune of an unintentional, unassisted birth.

Hypnobirthing Australia

Positive birth experiences matter. Birth has the potential for developing capacities within women and birth partners that can transform their definition of themselves, improve relationships, enhance bonding with their babies and assist them to move forward confidently in their roles as parents. A positive birth doesn’t just happen – it is the product of the right preparation.

The knowledge, skills and techniques taught in a Hypnobirthing Australia course can keep women relaxed, calm and working with their body in labour to access what the body already innately knows what to do – birth a baby. It can assist birthing partners to feel confident and know how they can assist effectively in the birth of their baby.

Importantly, couples also receive evidenced-based education and knowledge so they can be the decision makers in their birthing journey and avoid unnecessary intervention.

Over pregnancy, hypnobirthing helps couples create and maintain a positive mindset for birth. The hallmark of hypnobirthing is teaching the powerful skill of self-hypnosis to keep you relaxed and grounded during birth and also for releasing fears and anxieties that can profoundly affect your birthing abilities and experience.

Hypnobirthing is however much more than self-hypnosis. Hypnobirthing teaches:

  • breathing
  • affirmation
  • massage
  • visualisation
  • deep relaxation
  • deepener techniques to use in labour and birth.

Courses can be private or groups sessions.

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